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Founded in 2002, with the concept of "Innovative Technologies to Service the Globe", Innovative Decon Solutions continually strives to develop cost effective, practical solutions to contamination problems in incorporating the newest, cutting edge technologies available for commercial use. Innovative Decon Solutions is uniquely qualified to address the contamination problems in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, medical facilities, schools, churches, athletic facilities, historical structures and government and commercial buildings.

Our decontamination processes do not require tenting or time-consuming labor and, in many instances, we can decontamination sections of a facility without disruption of services in other sections. Our decontamination processes are a fraction of conventional remediation costs and provide additional savings by reducing lost utilization of the facilities and limiting relocation expenses.

IDS has experts in Industrial Hygiene, Building Assessments and Construction to deliver quality plans and project implementation to our clients. IDS is based on the principle of providing clients quality service through team work. Our staff employs a wide range of skills and experience to provide risk management based solutions that exceed client expectations. We pride ourselves on building relationships with clients who value their employee's health & safety as well as being good stewards of the environment.

IDS core services began with providing comprehensive, environmentally-safe, nontoxic, decontamination of a wide range of chemical and biological agents. This includes contaminants such as molds and mold related by-products, bacteria, viruses, a wide range of toxic industrial chemicals, ad chemical and biological warfare agents, such as anthrax and Soman (GD), VX and Mustard (HD).

Our experienced staff allows IDS to "think out of the box" to provide the most innovative and technologically advanced solutions to the issues that impact our client;s business, employees and/or the communities in which they operate. Combining more than 60 years of commercial, healthcare & residential construction experience, engineering experience and more than 17 years of industrial hygiene experience, allows us to provide effective solutions to our clients. THese solutions are focused to minimize impacts to business, employee health, the environment and corporate reputation.

Listening to our client's and their needs, we expanded our core business to include a wide range of engineering, project management and constructions management services. Our experts will work with your team to deliver quality work that is on time, within budget and delivered safely. IDS will add value during any and all phases of your project, from inception to occupancy and asset management.

IDS utilixes products and equipment developed by Sandia National Laboratories specifically designed for homeland security that possess commercial applications. Our products go throught the most rigorous testing and evaluations to ensure effectiveness and safety. Our decontamination processess incorporate patented revolutionary products, unique application techniques and monitoring and testing technologies unsurpassed in the industry.

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IDS maintains operations in Atlanta, GA and Tampa, FL. These locations allow us to rapidly deploy to our client’s locations in throughout the Southeast in a matter of hours. IDS also respond to client locations throughout the USA and internationally. IDS also expanded services to meet the changes of our client’s needs which include asbestos abatement, lead abatement and demolition. IDS applies our principle of quality work done safely to our new services. Our experts work with our clients to develop and scope of work in order to work within established budgets.

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