Deodorization in Tampa, FL & Atlanta, GA

Glycocalyx are created from extracellular polymeric substances excreted by bacteria.  These sticky polymers hold the biofilm together and cement it to the pipe wall.  The Glycocalyx trap nutrients and protect the underlying bacteria from biocides including bleach.  These inert coatings allow for the accumulation of complex, metabolically cooperative bacterial communities that often produce highly pungent odors as well as slime.  Biofilms often permeate themselves at all levels throughout pipe, pools or tank systems.  Testing conducted by Sandia National Laboratories indicates that the formulation is “extremely effective” for the complete decontamination of biofilms on all test surfaces.[1]

IDS Deodorization Products:

Incorporates unique wetting agents for thorough penetration of polymeric substances (microbial metabolites).
Attacks and denatures polysaccharide-based extracellular polymers
Economical, safe and non-toxic
Reduces slime and odors
Requires only periodic application
Thoroughly cleans surfaces
Proven Patented Technology

[1] Bicker, Phebus, Oberst, Tucker, Marsden, Boyle, and Boyer, Jr, “Listeria monocytogenes and Pseudomonas putida Biofilms Treated with Sandia National Laboratories Decon Foam 200”, Kansas State University and Sandia National Laboratories.  BioFilm Test Results.