Disinfection in Tampa, FL & Atlanta, GA

IDS provides services  restoring facilities that become contaminated as a result of various events such as floods, hurricanes, sewer backups and plumbing failures.  These water intrusions can occur as a result of extreme weather, or a mechanical failure such as a ruptured water pipe.

IDS is highly trained in water removal, drying, and mold remediation and we often times are able to avoid costly tear-out and reconstruction thanks to our proprietary disinfection and sanitization methods.

As opposed to complete tear-out, IDS looks to eliminate the water quickly and then provide drying to avoid costly tear out — so that you are back in your building faster with less interruption to your business.  Our non-toxic solutions are benign to most materials and fabrics, so we can treat the facility and its contents without costly, time-consuming move out and move back.

IDS’ decontamination system offers industry-leading protection against mold spores, virus, bacteria, and other microbial threats.   IDS can return your facility to its pre-flood condition and you can be sure that your indoor air quality is tested safe.