Emergency Prepardness and Disaster Response

Innovative Decon Solutions has developed a Catastrophic Rapid Response Program ("CRRP") for hurricane and storm damaged areas. The CRRP provides immediate assistance by securing the building envelopes, decontaminating the structures and drying the structures to prevent re-growth of mold.

CRRP is a self-sustained, independent system with a centralized command center that coordinates the efforts of monile staging areas. The staging areas are complete with their own power generators and fuel depots with "state of the art" emergency response communication equipment.

When disasters such as floods, fires or hurricanes strike - you need a team of professionals to get you back in business FAST. Our team is highly experienced in providing site security, drying, structural repairs, remediation of affected areas and application of proprietary products which provide residual protection against the regrowth of bacteria, molds, viruses and many other problematic organisms.

CRRP teams are bonded, insured, and manned with certified personnel. The IDS CRRP specialized teams include certified thermographers, certified mold investigation specialists, certified indoor air quality professionals, certified industrial hygiensists, engineers and general contractors. The mobile staging units are customized trailers fully equipped with required PPE, decontamination products and equipment, materials and equipment for securing the building envelopes, job specific tools, power generators, GPS tracking software/equipment, and satellite phones. The mobile units are self-contained and fully functional staging areas that can be deployed within a few hours of a disaster.

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