IDS’ Decontamination Formulation

The decontamination formulation original technology, Patent No. 6,566,574B1, was developed by Sandia National Laboratories for the U.S. Department of Energy and National Security Administration for their Chemical and Biological National Security Program (CBNSP). The formulation’s unique characteristics provide tactical advantages in the decontamination process that previously required the dedication of large numbers of resources, personnel and time.

The original SNL technology has been reformulated through advanced chemical compounding to maximize performance and neutralization capabilities against molds, mold spores, mycotoxins, viral, bacteriological and chemical contaminants. Unique formulation compounding allows application as foaming, fogging, wet spray and dry mist methods utilizing specifically designed delivery systems.

IDS’ decontamination formulation is designed specifically as a general non-acid based antibacterial decontaminant cleanser and disinfectant. It is USEPA registered for use in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hotels, restaurants and residential and public buildings as a fungicidal, virucidal, bactericidal Disinfectant/Decontaminant.

The decontamination formulation is the first known to be effective on a broad spectrum of biological agents, bacteria, viruses, bacterial spores and chemical agents. The decontamination formulation is non-toxic and non-corrosive with enhanced physical stability for the rapid mitigation and decontamination of chemicals and biological agents based on a surfactant system that solubilizes sparingly soluble agents and increases the reaction rate with nucleophilic reagents.

The catalytic reaction of the formulation increases the speed of the oxidative reactions that would otherwise take hours or days to complete. The reaction requires a slightly basic pH and results in the formation of a highly reactive species three times more oxidative without the corrosive effects of chlorine. The formulation exhibits none of the problems of gaseous release from chlorine (chlorinated organics) or chemical residues associated with other chemical oxidants. The formulation is miscible with water and is safe to apply on most fabrics, clothing, carpeting, walls, furniture and a variety of soft goods that would be permanently damaged by chlorine bleach. There is no residual effect on the environment due to the decomposition of the primary oxidizers within the formulation into oxygen and water vapor.