Pandemic Control in Tampa, FL & Atlanta, GA

Containing the spread of pathogenic organisms, particularly the H1N1 virus, is an enormous challenge to health and school officials.  Already considered pandemic, experts are predicting its continued spread and its likelihood in confined areas such as schools and transportation.  There are over 55 million children in over 125,000 schools across America.  The vast majority being transported daily on over 440,000 buses.    To date, there has been thousands of swine flu deaths worldwide and in the US.  Providing protective measures against the swine flu, other than reactionary, have not been contemplated or implemented.  School districts, facility managers and transportation authorities are suffering from acute funding shortages resulting from reduced tax receipts, do not have the resources to properly prepare or respond to pandemics.

Utilizing sophisticated chemical technology previously developed by the federal government to combat biological weapons and state-of-the-art application methodologies by highly trained professionals, the country can preemptively prepared to reduce the risk of transmission of the swine flu in schools and buses.  Having a nationwide response team standing by for immediate deployment, will further reduce the risk of prolonged school closures.  This national resource team will be able to blanket the entire country to treat school facilities and buses quickly and effectively.   In addition, we have the means to mitigate other contamination vectors including:

1. Antiseptic handwash
2. Bio-Film treatment
3. HVAC Systems (Approved for use by the USEPA)
4. Treatment for Drains and Locker Rooms
5. Laundry detergent additives for residual bacterialstatic effect

Combined with advanced electrostatic spray technology, the application of this powerful technology by trained professional is far superior to traditional chemical and wipe-down procedures. Successfully deployed in hospitals, schools, nursing homes and transportation authorities such as the Washington Metro.  This application methodology enhances the effectiveness greatly.