IDS utilizes advanced patented chemical solutions that are highly effective against a broad range of chemical agents and toxants.  Originally developed by the federal government to combat terrorism threats, these chemicals are extremely functional and leave no toxic residual contamination.

Our product has been confirmed effective against chemical agents such as Mustard, VX and G-Series agents.  Independent testing shows efficacy against chemicals such as Malathion, Hydrogen Cyanide, Butyl Isocyanate, Carbon Disulfide, Chlorine gas, Mycotoxins, Phosgene, and Anhydrous Ammonia. Being such an effective oxidizer (3 times the power of bleach), it is also effective against hydrogen sulfide, the off-gas byproduct of Chinese Drywall as well as Formaldehyde, a recent toxin of concern in manufactured homes.  Further, independent tests have shown that application of the formulation results in providing residual protection from recurring off-gassing.

The formulation has also been tested against a number of biological simulants and in live agent tests against three strains of anthrax and the plague (Y. pestis).  Independent tests have shown efficacy against Bovie Corona virus, Erwina herbicola, Pathogenic Avian Flue (HPEI) MS-2/T-4, Bacteriophages and Bacillus globigii.