Decon Solution for Professional Duct Cleaning Operations. Utilizing the same technology as RemedialCon-C, RemedialCon-D is a highly effective treatment method for HVAC systems. It is one of the few products with specific approval from the EPA under FIFRA for use in HVAC systems.

RemedialCon-D has been shown to be an effective cleaning agent for Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds [MVOC’s] and mycotoxins, chemical by-products that have been known to be allergenic. RemedialCon-D mitigates conditions caused by these metabolites of mold. In addition, it effectively inhibits and controls mold regrowth.

Highly effective and environmentally safe, this product is one of the most advanced restoration and remediation technology available today.  It is approved for us in hospitals, homes,nursing homes and indoors in any commercial facilitiy.