Water Removal and Recovery

Floods and plumbing failures can be very destructive to buildings and homes. IDS rapidly restores facilities that are impacted by these water events. IDS uses a wide range of drying equipment to rapidly remove unwanted moisture and minimize disruptions.

IDS is highly trained in water removal, drying and mold remediation and we often times are able to avoid costly tear-out and reconstruction thanks to our proprietary disinfection and sanitation methods.

IDS eliminates unwanted water quickly which helps to avoid costly tear out - so that you are back in your building faster with less interruption to your business. In the event mold growth occurs due to water intrusion, IDS will quickly and safely apply our EPA registered products that are free of VOC’s to rapidly decontaminate mold. Our non-toxic solutions are benign to most materials and fabric, so we can treat the facility and its contents without costly, time-consuming move out and move back.

IDS' decontamination system offers industry-leading protection against mold spores, virus, bacteria, and other microbial threats. IDS can return your facility to its pre-flood condition and you can be sure that your indoor air quality is tested safe.

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